Tampa, Florida USA

Bio: Contemporary Artist/ Author/ Composer/ World Critic Ladies and Gentlemen if I may be so humble as to introduce myself to you! I am from a very large Greek/American Family and originate from a small Greek Community on the Gulf Of Mexico in Florida. Some say that Tarpon Springs, Florida is further behind than Greece. Everyone knows everyone and everything about you type of environment best describes my little town of Tarpon Springs. I am from the original family of Tarpon Springs and notice my name, that is my last name, on streets signs and buildings all over town. As I child I used to think everyone had streets named after them and their names on important buildings but now I know different. I am very fortunate to be the grandson of the late N. G. Arfaras and the cousin of the late and famous opera star Maria Callas. I have been writing a text book for the last twenty years off and on and hope to publish this year. It is not a creative or artistic type of book but rather a detailed technical and very comprehensive study that has left no stone un-turned. However, I have decided to use this blog as my day to day of what's going on with my art, my life and such. Hope you may find it interesting but more importantly of some value to you and your everyday life in retrospect. Thank you so kindly for taking a moment to learn a little more about me and I will be looking for you in the future.... Thank you, claudy AKA Claudy The Artist (Claude Arfaras)

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24 thoughts on “About

    • Owl,

      Everyone loves people like you because you find the positive in someone and express it back and I love you too for the same reason! Does that mean we are dating? LOL Ooops! That’s like a guy that proposes on a first date. Put your seat belt on you’re in trouble.
      Obviously I am joking and if you read my Blog you will soon find out I am Gay! Go figure.
      I will have to follow you for the rest of my life….Thanks claudy

      • Hahahaha
        And now you’re witty too!
        Really up my alley!!!!
        Hmmmmm the gay comment… Thanks for pointing it out, but its not like im looking for a husband here. Im looking for someone as awesome as you!
        So….. Wit away, my jaw is hurting already 😉
        How to get to my blog? Ummmmm its http://www.chattyowl.com if you are on your laptop and “click on my nickname” if you’re on the app.
        Still thinking about you proposing on a first date! 🙂

    • Candia,
      That’s great! My grandfather started and owned the sponge exchange in Tarpon. That was back when there was no such thing as a synthetic sponge. The natural ones were all that were available and thus used to be a huge business. I hope you ate in Tarpon.. That usually works out well… Good to hear from you… Thank you, claudy

  1. I just wanted to thank you for visiting my humble blog and to say that I enjoyed you vibrant art work and the lively introduction. I look forward to seeing more of your work.

    • I feel like I’ve won with the nomination! I have no idea what that means or is but will check but just you wait to see what is coming soon other than a new baby…watch and you’ll see….claudy

      • When I give awards, they are one way to say “thank you” and “I appreciate your blogging efforts.” When I accept awards, they are one way to connect to other bloggers and share little details about myself that would normally not include in a blog post. I shy away from talking about myself so the “rules” loosely associated with these awards encourage me to share in a light-hearted manner. I respect that others can feel differently! So awards, for me, are what you make of them 🙂

      • I am just stunned with flattery. I did a little shadow of you from your little mug shot or I think they call them gravatar but not sure! Please email me the best shot you think you have of yourself. I know you have nothing really any place to use and I did have some trouble downloading it and used what really there was and that is not much. You ain’t joking when you say very little of yourself…I know that is true. So be bold and email a picture of yourself and I will email back to you. It is not bold but selfless beings are so selfless they think so… So just do it and I will see what I can do. It can be something for when you turn 100 years old and say look at this…so come on and just do it… claudy

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