“Nathan” claudy

“Nathan” claudy
Nathan Aronowitz Lead DownBoy
Freshman Belmont University, Nashville TN
Sepia-Brown Shadow
Virtual Paints 21MAY14


21 thoughts on ““Nathan” claudy

    • That is someone and I took a photo and sliced and diced and through a vegamatic until satisfied. If I paint on the image I will then sign it but if I just use effects, filters and colors stuff then I do not. Most artist do sign because it is not something you just click and it is done..it took me about three hours to do this particular image. He is the most gifted blue grass Ozark Mountain Child Prodogy you could ever imagine. I saw him on PBS here before a national audience and then contacted by website and have done art for him ever since. He is a great kid and a unbelievable talent now a Freshman at Belmont University Nashville TN. Stay tuned and thanks for asking….. claudy

      • It is very different piece…which is what caught my eye in the first place. I am happy that I got the story. How do you usually choose a person?

      • Ahhhh! Don’t say that! Better…don’t mean that. Well send me the one you hate least. I will see what I can do… I will like it but you may not but please let me try to… claudy
        …then we will talk about why you don’t like your image! I can hear youth in your statements but nonetheless we will maybe talk more about that later but soon… Get me an image please though….

      • Any one will do! Just do it and who knows maybe you will finally have one you like but probably not! Let me try though….so get it to me….and I know you know that no matter how your image looks it is about what you think inside! You know there are zillions that wish they had what you have and I know you know there are many ugly and funky looking people who think they are beautiful and guess what? They are because they think they are… So first we start with your “self talk”, meaning the way you speak to yourself and think of yourself. Stop right now saying anything negative about yourself even if you believe it or not. If you said I am beautiful as much as you say I am ugly just think how you would feel? No doubt there are people that will find you perfect no matter what or how bad you think you look or are… Get me that image….

      • Dear Claudy
        I think my brain is inflated enough with the geeky stuff I spout…………… Its just that I have never had much inclination for photos of my self……..so I don’t have many on hand……. I will promise to look…. no promises to actually send them…..

      • I can use your gravatar shot but it is so small that when I enlarge it funks up so.. Just do it and we shall see.. promise you will be glad when you are 120 years old and thinking oh those days and yet a wonderful trinket to remember ….

      • You are hilarious and there is something sad also about your comedy. Actually it all comes down to what we or you think. If you think you are then by golly you are! So why not pretend for an indefinite time you are “it”. Now try that for say about 20 years and then we can go from there. So just pretending but say it like you are not pretending, “I am gorgeous and thank you world for all knowing it is true”. Okay? Okay… Thanks, Gorgeous!

      • Dear Nathan
        I have tangoed with death on and off for 14 years trying to understand life
        when I understood it made me cry
        Now I exist in this universe trying to enjoy while not getting tied up in materialistic things
        because I know that I will be born again
        in a different life.

      • Dear Claudy
        I have already won that battle. Living isn’t that hard when one has a purpose. I just don’t care much for possessions and competitions.

      • You mean physical possessions because you possess intelligence for instance and I am sure you care about that…. I guess I could go on and on about this last statement but won’t bore you…If you live a long life and why not…It will be awe so short…So why spend any of your life thinking negative thoughts of self? Really such a waste of time and not necessary! So back to where we began…Send me a picture for me to see what I can do with my magic wand and stop the negative self talk right now for good…It’s hard at first but just stop yourself at every negative thought and replace it with a positive. If you weren’t you then you would like you a lot more so let us pretend ……..Thanks Beautiful….claudy

      • Yes I know…………. there is a reason I don’t talk about that….. people think I am weird coz I am not into shopping or makeup and all that jazz….. had a girlfriend practically calling me a dude in girls body…..male mind and all…..
        I do care more about intellectual stuff…….
        I need to find a pic that I can tolerate to send you so I am looking……. I hate them all….gah…. well I will keep looking.

      • Thanks… I think you would make a great guy if you would like! Sounds like your friend maybe had a little wishful thinking and hoped you would be the man of her dreams..LOL Oh well! I am certain there is someone out there for you just exactly as you are! They will think you perfect and wouldn’t have you any other way…. You will see…. I hear youth in your words and self image….. Your time will come…

      • Hi Claudy.. sorry to freak you out….. but that part of my life is also true and not many people can take it……So I adapted…..
        Good Luck

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