“Goodbye Ghetto” claudy

“Goodbye Ghetto”
With my third and final move in five months complete, I say goodbye to the ghetto! I am just giddy with my new home. It is surprising how living outside the ghetto is substantially less expensive. I can not walk to my favorite grocery any more but it’s just a quick bus ride away!  I am in a safe and clean environment and that’s what counts.

I live in a retirement apartment complex but aloud in because I am disabled.  Most residents are my favorite kind…elderly!  Many lined up on the sidewalk with some in wheelchairs and some with walkers to watch all my belongings taken off the truck and carried upstairs into my apartment.  The ooohs and ahhhs were flattering as hundreds of my paintings were seen by the residents who now call me, “Dali”.  I know I’m going to like it here!

I will not move again until my book is edited, published and to hot to handle in the market place. I look to the future with positive vibes and a hopeful reality……



4 thoughts on ““Goodbye Ghetto” claudy

  1. claudy,
    True, I would have never chosen Dali either, maybe Picasso. Both Dali and Picasso were part of the Cubism Movement. Not to say your work looks like Picasso’s, your artwork is definitely different than his, and stands on its own merit, it has its own flavor, your colors are far more vibrant and vivid. Are you familiar with the work of Man Ray? Most people will remember him for his photography, I like his paintings as well, he was a Modernist/Surrealist. Your artwork is beautiful, I enjoy it tremendously, thank you for sharing it.

    • As in your artwork you teach in all that you do. I always learn from you. No I am not familiar with Man Ray but will do a Search to learn about him. You are so brilliant and your intelligence just reeks! Amazing to know you and I am gratefully fortunate. Thank you and I will do some checking now…. claudy

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