“Nathan Aronowitz” claudy

“Nathan Aronowitz” claudy

Ladies and Gentlemen it is my honor and proud privilege to introduce you to Nathan Aronowitz, Freshman, Belmont University, Nashville, TN.. Nathan is no longer the child prodigy of the South’s Bluegrass Music Scene but now a grown man of 18 years in his first year of college and the lead in the newly formed group DownBoy.
I wish I could tell you Nathan found a beat up and tattered musical instrument on the side of the road and taught himself to play and write music walking to the homeless shelter for a free meal but that would not be true! In fact, Nathan is the son of a very successful BP Oil Executive who has afforded the best education for his son money can buy. Nathan’s natural gifted talent and abilities has won every award and honor in Bluegrass Music and he enjoys a national audience as seen on WoodSongs Old Time Music Hour / PBS. This kid, oops! I’m sorry, I mean grown man is going places. Ladies and Gentlemen, Nathan Aronowitz.

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2 thoughts on ““Nathan Aronowitz” claudy

    • Pepper,
      Not only are you one of the most talented Poets alive if not the most but kind also! In fast food we call that a great combo. That is you…a great combo! Thank you so much, claudy

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