“Reason” claudy

“Reason” claudy
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“Suicide By XXX Sex” claudy


“Suicide By XXX Sex”

In every mid to large city in the USA there are places where some gay men meet to have anonymous sex.  These orgies are well known by the police and the authorities and regularly raided but for the most part tolerated.  The common consensus on this phenomenon maybe an attitude of as long as they are spreading AIDS amongst themselves better them than others.  In fact that is exactly what is going at these places.

AIDS is a very unique disease because each time it is transmitted it changes DNA.  Most diseases once you are infected you can’t be more infected because you already have the disease.  That is different with AIDS because of the DNA change reinfection is adding one more major illness each time transmitted.

In Hillsborough County Florida where my hometown of Tampa is, there are over 7200 persons with AIDS.  The overwhelming majority of which are gay men.  That is a lot of people and a lot of infection and believed to be less than half of the actual count.  Considering most of the participants in these orgies have very low self esteems and many hate the fact they are gay.  Most live closeted lives and seek and have unprotected anonymous sex.  Such behaviors are much more than risky they are suicidal.  Many of these men do not want to live and have a death wish.   When a man can acquire 20 major illnesses in one evening of so called fun it can not be anything other than what it is…Suicide By Sex.


“Standards” claudy

Since the beginning of time and everyday, a promiscuous person, who lacks standards in judgement, may meet and fall in love with a special person who is their opposite!  Frequently, a promiscuous person changes when in love and can live happily ever after.  In fact, it is quite common and not at all unusual.  Celine Dione would call it, “The Power Of Love”.  I call it, “Growing Up”.

However, if a promiscuous person does not change, I suggest turning, running and never look back…. claudy

Artwork: Titled “In Perfection” claudy
Acrylics 2012 36inX52in

“Lauren” claudy

I remember when I first realized Lauren as a small infant was abnormal. I said to my brother, “Oh my God she is smarter than all of us!” In first grade she tested in the top 1% for intelligence in the nation. Lauren is a genius. She is the most intelligent person I have ever known. Now you may think like I thought how fortunate and lucky to be gifted however you may then realize most all children want to be normal and Lauren is not and never will be! She has accepted this fact and is well adjusted. However, I know had she been able to choose her genius or not she would have preferred to be less intelligent like everyone else.
I have told Lauren many times during her life when she gets to college and in the later years of her studies she will then appreciate her abnormality.
Ladies and gentlemen I am proud to announce Lauren will start the University of Florida in September with a full scholarship and will be majoring in her favorite subject of mathematics.
This is a painting of my beautiful niece Lauren and who knows what discovery may be inside her brilliant mind….. uncle claudy