“Team Up” claudy

“Team Up” claudy
Virtual Paints 26MAR2014


13 thoughts on ““Team Up” claudy

    • You have the kindest face and now your comment matches. You probably know that the Chinese say you can look at someone’s face and tell the type of life they live and lived. I tend to agree. You have a kind face and I assume a happy and fulfilled life… That’s a guess and a judgement from your little smiling picture…. Bet I’m correct! claudy

    • Ms. Knoke,
      Schucks! I can never remember my password for Facebook and Pinterest scares me a bunch. I joined Pinterest and casually read there Terms Of Service that I must agree to before clicking okay I joined! Well after reading the page after page of rules I noticed that I must agree to Pinterest havng worldwide license to duplicate and alter if they choose anything pinned forever even after it is removed. Say what? That’s right! They own anything you in forever even after it is removed from their website. I was shocked and could not believe what I was reading and needless to say I got the heck out of there…. I am an artist and can’t believe they would even ask but to own worldwide license of anything I do forever is a bit much for me. No Way!
      Now onto your About page. Shoot! You look like a high school cheerleader and then claim to be retired? Huh?
      You obviously have lived a very good life because it shows. I always thought mental health workers first were in it to liberate themselves and then second to liberate others. I think I will slap my knee because I clocked you right before knowing you are or were in the field and saw the kindness in your face. Wouldn’t you know it? I mean I knew it. So there you have it and no I am not psychic! LOL
      Finally, your directions to your home in God knows where was so beautifully written and so fun to read that I hope you have journals of zillion word stories available for all to read. You have a way with words like no one else and there are billions of elses! So what! Yes, I make up words as needed and gave myself permission to do so a long time ago and feel no guilt whatsoever. Now that must be good to hear with your background. You know! A guilt free anything. And again yes punctuation in my opinion is for the literate and I am not. Okay? Okay!
      You are a wonderful person and I will certainly enjoy following you like the puppy you never had but always wanted had you considered it. I have my way of getting on Facebook and could not with your invitation on your blog but will in my own way. That means I go to my email and look back and click on one of their messages and there you have it! I mean I have it! A way to get on Facebook. I like Facebook’s use of the word “friend” but it sort of stops there but will befriend you sooner than later. It has been all pleasure for me and I look to the future of reading more of your words…. Thank you, claudy

    • Andrea,
      I love your blog and enjoy seeing the difference in cultures. I have always heard that Germany is so clean. The people just keep everything so tidy and the streets are so clean as compared to the USA. We do have great areas but for the most part your culture is much cleaner and tidy than mine. Your picture confirm the rumors.
      Also, I can see your Blog but tonight for example every time I try to comment on your Blog my computer freezes up and won’t let me? I have no idea why. I do see your Blog though but can’t enter a comment…. Thank you so kindly,

      • Good morning Claudy
        This is with the clean streets in Essen-Kettwig, since it is still clean.
        But I come from Oberhausen there do you think how the people are there unclean in any way.That you can come on my blog in the evening in any way overloading the Internetes is perhaps, patience, and try then ever have again.
        Nice of you to read.
        Have a good day,
        Sincerely Andrea

      • You are probably correct about patience because of over load! I will try again. I see your Blog but it won’t let me comment. You obviously have more experience on the Internet than I do. Really I have only been online a few months. You make sense and I will take your advice… Thank you Andrea, claudy

      • Have a good day,
        Network problems can also often the cause of sein…oder sign pumping shortly in WP yourself, again perhaps it goes then…
        Sincerely Andrea

      • Okay! Now I understand. I think it is really great I can talk to you across the world and the Atlantic Ocean as if you were next door. I know we have telephones but they do not have the visual effect as does the computer. You can show all of us your pictures and what you have been up to. It’s wonderful. I love the stuff you put on your Blog. I saw the building with the big boot or shoe on the outside on top like it was a sign. What is the purpose. What type of business is that? It was in German and I could not understand but wondered. Thank you again Andrea…..Andrea is my niece’s name also. Take Care, claudy

      • I thank you for the information Claudy.
        That was perhaps once a shoe business, certainly I know so exactly, but there are many such beautiful Sehenswürdigkeiten.Ich in Essen-Kettwig one find that across the Atlantic connections to am about the translator translator have over many kilometers across much better than the phone, because I understand not everything on English,.
        Sincerely Andrea

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