“Jump” claudy

“Jump” claudy
virtual paints 18MAR2014


12 thoughts on ““Jump” claudy

    • Furious!….LOL! It Maybe! I Didn’t realize but you could be right…as usual…Yes! There Could Be Some Fire Burning Somewhere In Me…. But What Do You Do? Take It Out On The Canvas!…..You’re So Sharp…… claudy

      • Even your comments read like poetry. Have you ever done a Google Search on your own name? Let me assure you if you have not that you might want to and read what is out there on you. I was surprised to find all kinds of stuff you think nobody will ever read and there it is in headlines…LOL or cry which ever the case may be…. I was shocked at how much gets back out. I bet you will be also.. Try a search on yourself and look what’s out there. Someone has to read these to know just which line to headline. You’ll see what I mean… Okay? Okay… claudy

      • Claudy – Am I getting hate mail via Google? Oh, dear me. I’ve never been one to wring my hands and worry about what others think – but then you’ve probably figured that out by now.
        How about you, what does Google have to say about you? Will I find you under Claudy The Artist. See, I use my real name and well, many others don’t. Maybe one day I’ll check but in the meantime, I’ll write blogs from the heart.

      • No! Google doesn’t write hate mail. I am talking about “Comments”. When you comment on a published blog your comment is then published. I was so surprised when I did a Google Search on Claudy The Artist. Woh! I was so surprised to see as headlines many things I had written thinking it would never be public or really never thought about it but when I did a Search I was shocked at what was headlined over the different pieces of information about me as an artist, person, pig, and so on. Like this comment I will see headlined Claudy The Artist said he was a “pig!”. Yep! I tell you this because I bet you would find it very interesting indeed. I sure did. Once this blogger on WordPress wrote as her headline title and published, “Claudy The Artist fuck you every comment you make makes me cringe”. Excuse me but now I read that everywhere when pulling up information on me. Which of course all publicity is Good publicity so I thoroughly enjoy the headline… But take my advice and do a Google Search on your blog name and look what comes up! I am sure you will find it very interesting. Do it! And please let me know if you are entertained or whatever… I would be interested to know… claudy

      • You are missing what I am saying… It will be you yourself’s words that you never thought would make it to headlines. I am talking about my own words except for that one women that I see her F word every where I look. But it is my own words that they use but these are words I never thought would be headlined. You’ll see what I mean maybe when you Search your own name. I think you will be surprised at what words you have written that make it into the headlines. I was…we will see… let me know..please! Not what words were selected but if you are surprised at what is headlined for you yourself….

  1. Also, Ms de grom, Google ask me if I would take part in research they were conducting on computer users or whatever it was when I first got my computer and went online for really the first time about a year ago.. I gave Googl complete access to everything including key strokes and just anything they want. I thought and think shoot! if they are that bored then help yourself. And really because I worked for Nielsen TV Ratings for many years and believe in scientific research….to be honest… Okay? Okay…

    • And finally, finally, You see my name if you pull up about me in this blog. I have no problem using my name in fact please tell everyone but Claudy The Artist is way easier than Claude Arfaras …I sign all my artwork claudy because that is what my sister April calls me and since realized many of my friends do also…. claudy

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