“Let Me Love You” claudy

“Let Me Love You” claudy
Virtual Paints 21FEB2014   [poster]


8 thoughts on ““Let Me Love You” claudy

    • Ms. de grom,
      You are so wonderful. Well since you are somewhere in the blog world, please ask the very first appropriate person to kiss your face all over as fast as they can, for me! Please! Thank You Very Much, claudy

      • Claudy – That would be my dear sweet husband, Tom. The man I married is an artist extraordinaire. He has work in the Holocaust Smithsonian as well as many other museums and galleys across the country. His first love is blown glass working over an open flame and using a 6 ft blow pipe. (None of that tiny stuff called torch work). Many of his one-of-a-kind large pieces grace high-end hotels and business centers around the world. He’s also recognized as a world class photographer and was requested by Ansel Adams to join him for a year to work throughout the American West. Then there’s his stained glass which has sun streaming through it within churches and cathedrals throughout the US. Often a full wall would be made of tiny bits of glass sealed without soder – a talent few possess as it’s an old world art. Let me not forget to mention his world class jewelry designs from precious gems and gold or platinum. He hasn’t been able to work the way he wants due to the continual trembling of his hands due to his medications and you as an artist understand how frustrating that is. He’s designed for Tiffany and more movie stars, politicians, and others that have more money than they know what to do with. Thankfully, Tom is able to convince them that what they think they want is not always in good taste! My career has moved us all over the world but his client base is always just an e-mail away when they want to contact him. So you see, when I say I appreciate a piece of your work, I truly appreciate the work you’ve developed from conception and know the hard work, the emotions, the preparations, and all that goes into each piece you complete. Tom and I have collected art from all over the world and I know what I like! I don’t compliment lightly but keep painting and writing. I have a feeling this expression is not only good for your soul but it’s good for your entire being and you are providing art for the universe. Wishing you peace. Sheri

      • Well it seems you are an artist magnet and of course you are! I am a little confused. Well, really I am a lot confused! The ill husband was before and the artist is present day is how I am now figuring your situation! I thought the there was only one and you were alone but obviously not! So that changes nothing because the artist can kiss your face all over as fast as he can for me. See it all worked out in the end. That’s just great and I feel way better knowing you have beard burns all over your face from the speed kisses…. claudy

      • Claudy – You silly person you. Tom was an artist before he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and also an incredible artist. He continues to be that same artist but he also has to give up vast periods of time when the disease simply won’t let him work. He’s lost years to this dang disease.
        Tom was in the military for 20 years but during that time he dabbled in all of the arts that he picked up full time just as soon as he retired. Tom was about a year away from his military retirement when we married.
        You know I’m going to what a full blown bio and history from you! It’s only fair don’t you think?
        So you were right all along. Tom’s been very ill for much of our marriage but, when the good times come along, they are so very magical. Today he’s puttering around in his jewelry design studio.

      • Ms de grom,
        Oh okay I got it now! I think! It’s always and only been Tom and he is alive today. Also we can agree that Bipolar sucks and I really mean that plus a point always missed is that the love ones take the biggest hit from the disease. My guess is that you suffer from Tom’s disease more than he does but you don’t get the time, meds and attention he gets. That sucks also. I know you wouldn’t know what sucks means because you probably aren’t up on vulgar words but it means bad real bad. A diagnosis is almost as good as a get out of jail free card! But what do you do? Well you blog and blog and get it out. Guess what? That’s what you did and that’s a good thing…. I am thinking we must be related somehow! Were you thinking the same thing? Well I see all those words above and better cut myself off here. Till the next one, claudy

    • LOL Well maybe not all the ladies! I am sure you will have too many ladies at some point in your life also. Go easy on all the extra girls because they can’t help that they want you so be super nice…. claudy

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