“Matuesz Hair” claudy

“Matuesz Hair” claudy
A very talented artist and friend, Matuesz of Krakow, Poland.
virtual paint 27FEB2014


“Here’s My Love” claudy


“Here’s My Love”  claudy

Here you are again reading my words to you

knowing my love and heart is true.

For you, I will always find the words

Yet you are there and I am here…..apart!

Together in my arms is where we need to be

for my heart is so filled with love and cares deeply only for you

but you are there and I am here…..apart!

I know you need me and I know I need you

Oh Baby how I long to hold you

and be near with you and close for you

But you are there and I am here…..apart!

I know my heart and your heart knows me

and I know in my very soul our love is meant to be

But you are there and I am here…..apart!

After all this time I’ve waited

my beautiful precious love of my life

I love you!  Oh please begin a life with me

and let us never be…..apart!

claudy  19FEB2014

“My Love, My Heart” claudy


“My Love, My Heart”

From my heart a gentle whisper of your name touches my soul once more.

Then repeats again and again and again…

Back to my dreams I must go,  to touch you,  to hold you, to love you…

So real this love I dream for you….

Oh I know your heart very well so safe right here with me

cherished,  honored,  respected…

So fragile this heart with me,  the one and only I must care for and never break never, never…

So as I wait and we go through your fears one by one

and with each one erased a little closer, a little stronger, a little deeper,

until within my reach and I take you as mine for keeps

to love,  to love,  to love….

claudy               FEB2014