Looks Like I Made It!

manly boy “Manly Boy” claudy (acrylics 35X54inches)


Hello Blog World!

Looks Like I Made It! I have always wanted an outlet to let it out and run free and I have heard of WordPress and now I am here and you are there and we are together! I love to paint and write and laugh and play and to love the world….mostly! I love the idea of a place where I can write my daily in more than the Twitter few and less than TV Guide’s Novel size 100’s and this will be perfection in my words. I love to paint and do most everyday except lately but hope to be back in the saddle again…soon!

I love the language and wished I had more control over its punctual reality but please forgive my mistakes and look past my “less than” traits and try to imagine I am trying to go through this thing we call life in the best way I can. I want to be a good person and do the right thing and seem to pull for the underdog more often than not.

I hope to post a lot of my artwork and appreciate any thoughts you may have or anything you may want to say and always find comments as someone who has taken the time to express themselves and I like that! Well I am not quite sure how all of this works but am a quick learner and will be happy when I have a better idea of the workings of WordPress. Thank you for taking a look here and I will be back soon with Claudy The Artist…


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