“Suicide By XXX Sex” claudy

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“Suicide By XXX Sex”

In every mid to large city in the USA there are places where some gay men meet to have anonymous sex.  These orgies are well known by the police and the authorities and regularly raided but for the most part tolerated.  The common consensus on this phenomenon maybe an attitude of as long as they are spreading AIDS amongst themselves better them than others.  In fact that is exactly what is going at these places.

AIDS is a very unique disease because each time it is transmitted it changes DNA.  Most diseases once you are infected you can’t be more infected because you already have the disease.  That is different with AIDS because of the DNA change reinfection is adding one more major illness each time transmitted.

In Hillsborough County Florida where my hometown of Tampa is, there are over 7200 persons with AIDS.  The overwhelming…

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“Happy Birthday Nathan” claudy

“Happy Birthday Nathan” claudy
Progressive Blues Artist and Musical Genius Nathan Aronowitz is now 19 years of age. Once the Ozark Mtns. child prodigy is a Freshman at Belmont University Nashville where he continues his study of music. Nathan enjoys a national audience as seen on, “WoodSongs Ole Time Music Hour”, PBS. Please follow this amazing artist and watch his career. He is going places…..